We have two Wolff Bronzing Beds with Facial Tanners. These beds utilize a gentler UV Ray than sun. They allow you to tan longer without burning while acquiring a beautifully bronzed look quicker than traditional beds. These beds allow for up to 20 minute sessions.

We also have a Hex stand up unit that is outfitted with the newest in tanning technology. This unit uses traditional UV Rays and gives you a beautiful glow in 12 minutes or under.

Tanning Packages

1 Visit: $5.00
5 Visits: $25.00 - Plus Get One Free
10 Visits: $50.00 - Plus Get Four More Free
1 Month Unlimited - $45.00
6 Months for $60.00 Down - $2.00 Co-Pay each time you tan

We pride ourselves in offering the ultimate tanning experience. Our tanning rooms and equipment are kept exceptionally clean and our bulbs are maintained to allow you to receive optimum color at every visit. Call today 423-4511.